Mona Jesri Recieves Outstanding Contribution to Composites Industry Award

11/1/20231 min read

Composites UK has recognised Mona Jesri of SM8RT with the 2023 Outstanding Contribution to the Composites Industry Award, acknowledging her significant steps towards innovating the UK's natural fibre composites supply chain.

"Mona's dedication to innovation and sustainability has set new standards within the natural fibre composites industry. Her work exemplifies the industry's collaborative spirit and future readiness," says Claire Whysall, Marketing and Communications Manager at Composites UK.

Thomas Cox, Commercial Director at SM8RT, comments, "Mona's strategic approach is paving the way for significant advancements within our company and the sector at large. Her efforts are essential in the UK's journey towards a leading role in sustainable composites."

Monas's achievements are just a part of SM8RT’s forward momentum. Under her leadership, the company is set to embark on several groundbreaking projects that aim to further innovation into the heart of the natural fibre composites industry. These include collaborative research partnerships, advanced materials development, supply networks and broader community engagement programs designed to foster the next wave of engineering talent. With these initiatives, SMRT continues to reinforce its commitment to not only leading but also transforming the industry's approach to environmental responsibility and technological advancement.